Police raid Westland pawn shop, confiscate TVs, electronics

Multiple police officers from different departments raided at Westland pawn shop Thursday morning and believe the store was selling stolen goods.

Police confiscated TVs, power tools, electronics, even a karaoke machine Thursday when they raided the Bank Pawn Shop in Westland. They had so much to take, they had to bring a U-Haul to take it everything.

An unnamed witness watched Westland Police descend on the strip mall. 

"I just came around the corner and I saw the police entering more than once. Several unmarked scout cars were here and I just saw what was going on," he said.

The Westland and Canton Police Departments had help from Home Depot, Lowes and Target as they executed search warrants in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Southgate. Law enforcement say this has been a lengthy investigation focusing on stolen property.

"It wasn't a surprise," the witness said. "I seen several vehicles show up with a bunch of lawn equipment, lawn furniture, sometimes commercial lawn equipment. They just pulled up and picked up some vans and drop it all off and leaving the parking lot, have it transferred and move it it around."

Police aren't releasing any information regarding arrests at this time.