Police: road rage, mental illness led to shot fired on Lodge freeway

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CAUTION: Explicit language is used in the video.

A violent case of road rage Tuesday on the southbound side of the Lodge.

WEB UPDATE (11:30): Police believe the person who was shot at in the video above was a Good Samaritan who stopped to help. The person was assisting a woman who was attacked physically by the gunman in other incident up the road.

At some point police believe a car accident took place but it is unclear if it led to the attack on the 66-year-old Southfield woman. 

The person who stopped, then tried to help and was fired upon. Michigan State Police want this person to come forward and are calling him a Good Samaritan.

It all unfolded during the evening commute as the freeway was packed with drivers. Now police have a man in custody who they believe has a mental illness.

Investigators just opened up freeway's southbound side shutdown after more than five hours.

Road rage reaches a climax.  Cell phone video taken by viewer Deandre Evans shows a man firing a shot from a long gun at a vehicle in the southbound shoulder of the Lodge freeway near Seven Mile.

Shortly after that, the man was arrested at gunpoint. Police then discovered six other long guns in his car.

"We only believe there was one shot fired on the freeway," said Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police. "We only found one shell casing. We're speaking with the individual now but there does appear to be some mental health issues he's suffering through, which is making it difficult for us to determine what happened."

It appears the target vehicle, was attempting to stop to help someone else, a 66-year-old Southfield woman who may have been attacked by the suspect further up the road. She is being treated at the hospital.

"It appears that he either struck her with a fist or the butt of a handgun, we're not quite sure," said Shaw.

The road rage turned violent during rush hour around 6:15 p.m. causing jams, and frustration at yet another shooting.

"It's terrible that we as people got to live like this," said one man.

Police now are hoping to make contact with the driver of the vehicle targeted, someone they're calling a Good Samaritan.

Michigan State Police say they are having trouble communicating with the suspect as well as the victim who is slipping in and out of consciousness.

Dramatic video below was shared by FOX 2 viewer Darrisa Prenee below.