Police search for convicted sex offender on the run

Michael Flaker of Shelby Township admitted in court he was guilty of eight counts of criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13.

He was on bond with a GPS monitor until it came time for him to return to court to learn how long he would spend in prison.

But instead of showing up at circuit court for his sentencing on Jan. 31st. Police say he cut off his tether forfeiting his $100,000 bond and hasn't been seen since. That move triggered action by law enforcement.

"We put helicopters in the air, used drones and canines to attempt to locate him," said Police Chief Mark Coil, Shelby Township. "We knew that he wasn't in the immediate area and we reached out to the Macomb County Sheriff's special enforcement team."

Police say his victims were known to him - he wasn't striking at random.

"This isn't a situation where we feel the community is at risk from an individual," Coil said.  "We believe that he is evading incarceration."

Anyone with information should call the Macomb County Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement Team at (586) 469-5151.