Police search for suspects who opened fire on undercover officers

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A shootout with Detroit police officers Wednesday night has investigators searching for two suspects.
The exchange of gunfire happened around 10:30 p.m. near the corner of Saint Paul and McClellan on the city's east side.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says two undercover officers in plain clothes were conducting an investigation in the area. The suspects pulled up to the officers and opened fire – at least two shots struck the unmarked vehicle.  Fortunately, the officers were unharmed.

One firearm was recovered at the scene.

"I also know we did not recover the other firearm that was in the position of the second suspect, but that the airsoft gun was left at the scene after the shooting stopped," Chief James Craig, Detroit Police Department

At this time, it's unclear why the officers were targeted.

"But clearly, they were in plain clothes, in a plain car. So it's one thing if an officer is in uniform in a marked scout car. It's easy to say you knew they were police officers, but in this instance, I can't say that," said Chief Craig.

Police currently have only a vague description of the suspects and do not know if they were shot during the exchange of gunfire.