Police seek suspects who broke into downriver home, assaulted woman who tried to stop them

Two suspects are on the run after they broke into a downriver home and assaulted the homeowner when she attempted to stop them from fleeing.

Ginger Stewart lives in a mobile home park off Telegraph Road in Brownstown Twp. She was taking a nap on Friday when suddenly something woke her up.

"As I got to the end of the hall, I could see them standing there," Stewart said.

Ginger quickly realized the men were stealing her safe and a PlayStation.

"It all happened so fast. I just grabbed the guy, and I just held on. I knew I wasn't going to just let them walk out with it," Stewart's said.

The video shows one of the men dragging Ginger down the porch stairs as she holds on to his leg. He eventually gets free and hits her in the face before running to their car.

"I have a lot of money in the safe. I was saving to take my mother's and sister's ashes to Colorado," she said.

Ginger says the thieves could be someone that knows her. The suspects yelled, "Oh my god, it's his mom," when she approached them.

"It was somebody we knew, but the guys who were here, I don't think I knew them."