Police: Teen, 14, stabbed brother to death over chips, drink

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These are the items that the stabbing was said to have occurred over.

A 14-year-old boy was arrested for stabbing his brother to death over a soft drink and a snack.

The deadly dispute happened Monday night on Grandville on Detroit's west side.

Police say the 14-year-old fatally stabbed his 18-year-old brother over who would get the carbonated fruit punch and chips.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's office is contemplating criminal charges against the boy. 

He is being held in the Juvenile Detention Facility in Detroit. He is due back in court Feb. 7.

FOX 2 is not releasing the name of the teen, because he is not an adult and has not been formally charged yet.

One neighbor said the block is usually quiet and there isn't any trouble.

"In the seven years I've lived here, we haven't had any kind of problems, any kind of murders, not anything like that on the block," he said.

Under the law, the prosecutor has five days whether to bring forward any charges. Another decision will be whether to charge the teen as a juvenile or as an adult.

The determination is based on the minor's background, school records and criminal history, if any.