Polls shows Rogers has US Senate primary lead, but 52 percent of voters undecided

The Mike Rogers campaign for US Senate did not pay for a new political poll.

But a super PAC supporting him, including a $2 million ad buy, did. The poll contends Rogers leads overwhelmingly with 32%, Peter Meijer in a distant second place (12%) followed by third-place Sandy Pensler (4%).

But the poll showed a large figure of potential Republican primary votes are still undecided, at 52%.

That also means that just over half of the GOP primary voters in this poll had no idea whom they would support.

Pollster Michael Meyers reports on how voters feel about Rogers.

"A total of 63% of people say they know Mike Rogers," he said. "Among that, 29% have a favorable view towards him, 23% have no real opinion about him and 10% are unfavorable."

In comparison 56% have heard of candidate Meijer and 34% recognize Pensler.

But the big 'X factor' in this primary is former President Donald Trump. He has not given his endorsement of a candidate yet.

"I don't think his endorsement means somebody wins or somebody loses," Meyers said.

But he concedes if Trump picks someone it will obviously help, which is why everyone is currying favor to get it.

On that front, the pollster took a shot at Peter Meijer for voting to impeach the president claiming he was involved in the Jan. 6 riot.

But it was pointed out that Rogers has changed his rhetoric on Trump.

Tim Skubick: "Isn't it true your candidate flip-flopped too, didn't he?"

"Mike didn't vote for impeachment," Meyers said.

Skubick: "That wasn't the question. He had a previous position that was critical of Mr. Trump and now he is on board."

"I think that's the answer," said John Selleck, the Super PAC comm advisor.

Skubick: "John, I want Mike to answer. He seems to be having trouble answering."

"No I didn't have trouble answering," Meyers said. "I think all the candidates have made statements both in support and at times critical of the president.

"But I think its much more difficult to overcome an impeachment vote."

The spokesperson for the Meijer campaign said that this poll from a super PAC is, "not news" and says that Meijer is getting a "tremendous response" and is the only candidate who can win.

A spokesperson for Pensler calls Rogers a "Never Trumper" and notes that two-thirds of the primary vote is wide open and Sandy Pensler, "has a great path to win."

Voters will have the final say in this GOP primary which is still six months down the road.