Pontiac furniture bank pledges to double donations for 50th anniversary

Furniture shopping is sometimes considered a luxury, but for Courtney Hinkle of Pontiac it's a necessity.

"I've been fighting to get my kids back for a year and a half and I finally got into a home, and I have been having problems getting furniture to get reunited with my children," she said.

Her four kids were taken away from her by the state when it was determined she was an unfit mother when she was 17 years old. She's now doing unsupervised visits and the last step for the state to allow custody at her home are beds, tables and chairs. She's getting all of that at the Furniture Bank in Pontiac.  

"You know, children should not be sleeping on cold floors, they should have a warm bed to sleep in every night," said Robert Boyle.

Boyle is the executive director of the Furniture Bank. He says 35 percent of the people who come to get free furniture have jobs but:

"We have folks who are working for a living and just can't make enough to afford the rent, utilities and an adequately furnished house."

For 50 years, the Furniture Bank has given away donated furniture. They give away 2,000 beds a year to families who need them most.  

"When most people think of basic needs they think of food, clothing and shelter. But if your child doesn't have a bed to sleep in, how was your child going to do well in school? If you don't have a table to eat a meal, what kind of a family life is that, or furniture to sit and cuddle with your children on?" Boyle said.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the bank is asking you for help. They want to raise money so that at least 50 local kids have sheets, pillows and comforters and beds. When you donate, they'll double the donation and help get kids a decent bed and a good night's sleep. 

"They give us 50, we give 50 to match so it's like giving us 100," Boyle said. "Money for moms like Courtney, who today is preparing her house for a homecoming she's been waiting years to have."

"I got three dressers, a coffee table, two couches, a chair, a table, four chairs for that table and two beds and a crib," she said. "I'm very excited, I'm excited for my kids to be able to come home."