Port Huron woman killed in hit and run trying to help accident victim

A vigil was held in Port Huron Thursday for a life gone too soon.

As Candy Trumball was helping an accident victim, she was hit by a car and killed -- along with another person involved in the crash Wednesday night.

"She was a blessed soul," said brother Milan Trumball. "Someone who, if she knew you needed help, she was there. My sister was there that night, to help someone who needed help."

Her brother says that's how Candy Trumbull lived and how she died. It is also how his 40-year-old sister should be remembered.  

"She hated to see people struggle – people could knock her down, and she'll get back up, turn around and help that person," said her son Charlie Priess. "She loved to help. She was an amazing mom."

Candy was killed during a tragic series of events. It began when a Marysville man called 911 to say he struck a man on a bike on Dove Road in Port Huron Township.

We're told Candy, who lived nearby, saw what happened and ran out to help the 56-year-old victim.

Moments later another car drove by, and struck Candy.

Her son Charlie Priess says if it wasn't for his mom sending his younger brother home to get help - he could have been struck and killed too.

"He was standing next to her trying to help her and she told him to go get me," Charlie said. "And on the way back to the house, heard the bang from her getting hit. That’s when he said, 'Charlie -  mom is on the ground and she’s not moving.'"

On Thursday night not far from the scene on Dove Road, family, friends, and so many others, Candy touched throughout her life, gathered for a candlelight vigil. It was a chance to honor a selfless woman who helped anyone in need.

"She is nothing short of a hero, in all aspects," said Donna Trumbull, Candy's sister. "She was willing to help anyone. She had that huge heart, that kind soul. She would give you the shirt off her back."

"She helped people like the man who was hit by a car, she was helping him because he was on a pedal bike," said Margaret Boynton, Candy's mother. "The love of my life got stolen."

Both Candy and the 56-year-old bicyclist died at the scene. The first driver stopped and we're told cooperated with the investigation.

The second driver of an older light-colored Lincoln who struck Candy - took off.

The St. Clair County Sheriff says investigators were able to track down the suspect and bring him into custody on an unrelated warrant, while they continue to investigate who is responsible for killing Candy.

"She is just a genuinely loving person and that’s how she should be remembered," said Amanda Powell.

There is a GoFundMe to help the family pay for the funeral HERE.

Candy Trumball

Candy Trumball