Post-Halloween, here's how to control candy cravings

We send the kids out in search of bag fulls of candy - and now we try to figure out how to get rid of most of the candy - or at least limit our daily intake.  Why do we crave sugar? A Cleveland Clinic dietitian explains sugar serotonin makes us feel good.

How do we control that? The dietitian says:

-Make sure you're eating regularly. Keeping your blood sugar stable can help you avoid grabbing sugary, fatty foods to cut your hunger. protein and fiber help you feel full.

-Give in a little. Allow yourself one or two treats, set them aside, and then make sure you are mindfully enjoying those treats and setting a limit. 
Maybe just a fun size for 100 calories.

-Combine foods. Something nutritious with something sweet like adding nuts with your chocolate chips, or dipping your banana in chocolate, then you're also getting some healthy nutrients in there too.

-Sleep is critical. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who get adequate sleep, between seven to nine hours, eat less sugar.

You can also take a walk or write in a journal to help you tackle cravings.

For the kids, many advise allowing them to pick a certain number of candies to eat per day - and then donate or freeze the rest. Maybe three a day for the next 10 days.