Pregnant woman and her boyfriend shot to death inside their car in Inkster

A pregnant woman and her boyfriend were shot to death inside their car in Inkster. It has left two families heartbroken and desperate for someone to be held responsible.

"It’s like a dream that I can’t wake up from," said Verna Evans.

Evans is battling staggering heartbreak days after her pregnant daughter 28-year-old Shelly Pettaway was gunned down in Inkster last Sunday night.

"She left behind three beautiful children, and I never thought that I would have to look my grandbabies in the face and tell them that their mama is gone," Evans said. "And they don’t even believe it. They’re asking me, 'Nana, when’s my momma coming home?' And I don’t know what to say."

Family members say Shelly and her boyfriend went out for a date night but never returned.

Michigan State Police sources say they were both found shot to death inside of a car parked in the area of Burns and Carlysle Streets. Her mother says she doesn’t know much more.

"I got woke up at 5, 5:30 in the morning by my daughter’s stepmom," Evans said. "And she said she needed me to step outside, I saw nothing but police.

"He told me that they had a phone call that there was two people in a vehicle that are no longer with us. He pulled out a phone and showed me a picture and said tell me if this is your daughter.

"I said okay, where are they at? And he said 'Ma’am they were found deceased in the car.' And I just broke down."

She says there’s no way the attack was random.

"They sent a message. They overkilled them. It was multiple gunshot wounds to my baby," she said.

Police are not saying much about the case right now due to the sensitivity of the investigation and it’s clear Inkster detectives have their hands full.

This was one of four murders in a week in the city.

"I need answers," Evans said. "And if the police is not going to get me those answers that I need, I’m going to get them on my own, I’m going to be my baby’s voice.

"I’m going to have my baby’s back and I’m going to represent my daughter. She don’t have a voice no more.  So, I’m going to be that voice."

In the meantime she’s focusing on caring for Shelly’s little ones and preparing to say goodbye, but they need help. She put together this GoFundMe page for assistance. GO HERE TO DONATE.

"I need help with her children," she said. "All the money will go towards taking care of her babies and towards her funeral."

Shelly Pettaway

Shelly Pettaway