Pregnant woman shot in ambush Detroit's east side

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An expectant mother was shot four time Saturday night in front of India Cobbs’ house in the 19000 block of Teppert on Detroit’s east side.

The 32-year-old woman is going to have a baby boy in September. She and her baby thankfully are expected to recover.

“Less than 3 months actually, she only has a few months to go,” said Sedina Cobbs, the victim’s cousin.

“Yesterday I was able to get in touch with her just to hear her voice. That made me know that she and baby were fine and I was relieved with that.”

Police say it was around 10:20 p.m. when India pulled into her driveway, got out of the car, and walked up to the house. That’s when someone opened fire.

The question now – did India know her attacker, or was it random?

“We have no idea. We’re sitting around all collectively trying to think of who, what, and why would this happen to her.”

“She's a close-knit family person. She doesn't hang around a lot of wild people. She hangs with her sisters and her family, so for this to happen - no.”

This is the second time tragedy has struck the Cobbs family in less than a month. Sedina’s sister Marlena was recently found dead on the side of the Lodge Freeway. The details around her death are suspicious. Now, India and her baby were targeted.

“I hope whoever did it, they find whoever is responsible for it and get them off the streets. For someone to try to hurt an innocent woman and a baby - that’s real low.”