President Trump supporters gather in Lansing to protest alleged election fraud

“For something that’s just beginning, I think it’s pretty good,” said protester Larry Parsons. “It’s pretty peaceful, people have a good mindset going and hopefully we’ll get through this and it’ll be a positive thing.”

It was a familiar scene that’s been playing out for days across the county - a rally to show support for President Donald Trump. 

The rally was held in Lansing on Saturday and it came along with people across the state, with a focus on the votes cast in the election. 

“There’s questions that need to be answered,” said protester Bill Carver. “I’m not saying every vote is illegitimate. I’m saying there are questions that need to be answered in this case.”

The protesters argue that one way to validate the votes in Michigan is to verify each signature from the absentee ballots and do a state-wide recount of every vote cast. 

“I understand that my candidate isn’t always going to win and I support a free and a fair election, but the ballots need to be legal and the integrity needs to be intact,” Parsons said. 

“We will not tolerate having our votes not count and to have corruption in our election,” said protester Denise Pagura. “Undermining our election is unbelievable. We are not a 3rd world country, we are the United States of America and we believe in our constitution and I never dreamed that I will be standing here talking about this today.”

But others argue the continued rhetoric of election fraud, with lack of verifiable evidence, is doing more damage to the integrity of the America’s democracy as a whole. 

For hundreds who gathered in Lansing, most believe there is evidence of fraud, even if they haven’t seen it for themselves. 

“There is an appeals process and Donald Trump is going to take this as far as it needs to go, even if it means a Supreme Court,” Carver said. 

Michigan is required by law to certify its votes on Dec. 8., or Congress will get involved if they are disputed.