Pro-Trump candidate denied from having fundraiser at Franklin Hills Country Club

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Congressional hopeful Lena Epstein says she was refused from having a political fundraiser at the Franklin Hills Country Club. 

When FOX 2 knocked on their door to ask them about it, before we could even ask for comment - they asked us to leave and ushered us to the door. 

Recently, two of President Donald Trump's appointees - and now a local politician -have been ousted from establishments for their politics. 

"It makes me sad that my political beliefs were the reason that the event was cancelled," said Epstein. She's a Republican running for the 11th District U-S Congress seat. Before this run, she co-chaired President Trump's Michigan campaign. 

Because of that, she says her fundraiser, which was all set up for Wednesday night at the Franklin Hills Country Club, was cancelled by the venue. Her politics were cited as the reason. 

"I got a call late on Friday night that the board had unanimously voted to cancel our event," she said.

Her rival running on the Democrat side, Suneel Gupta, hosted his fundraiser at Franklin Hills Country Club last month. Epstein says her family, who founded the uber-successful Vesco Oil, has been a member at the club for generations.

"I grew up at the club, my daughter swims in the pool, my husband and I golf there. It's where we have our Sunday night dinners," she said. "It's a huge part of who I am. So this situation was very painful."

The club had no comment, and told us to leave. 

This comes on the heels of President Trump's press secretary Sarah Sanders being forced out of a Virginia restaurant because of her position. And before that, the U.S. Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was booed while dining at a restaurant with protests at her home to follow.

"Nobody wants to experience what Miss Sanders or I have had to deal with," Epstein said. 

At the last minute, Epstein moved her fundraiser to the Andiamo restaurant location in Bloomfield Township. She told FOX 2 this won't stop her from going to Franklin Hills with her family. 

"It was very painful to be discriminated against," Epstein said. "I have determined I won't be silenced."