Program provides free home repairs to Detroit seniors 90 and older

Miss Evelyn is 96 years old and still lives in the same Detroit home she shared for decades with her family.

"I always say I thank god. He has helped me to be able to live this long," she said. "My husband and my daughter and I, we have a lot of good times to remember and I want to continue to stay here."

Her husband and daughter have passed on. She has a twin sister who lives nearby, but it's her caregivers who say her home needs some work. It's getting more difficult to get her to the doctor because her front and back porches are falling apart.

Now, a new program aimed at keeping seniors safe and in their homes is here to help.

"This is a program that we decided we wanted to do for people who are over 90 years old," Chad Audi said.

Audi is the CEO of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. They help people experiencing homelessness, addiction, and more -- even giving away cars and homes.

"If it's a rail that they need or they need a ramp or they need a furnace or air conditioning or even a roof leak," Audi said. "Most importantly we want to make sure that the seniors are able to live safely and comfortably in their own home."

It's all funded through donations, with some of the workers coming through Detroit Rescue Mission employment programs, like Daryl Washington.

"Just giving back what was gave to me," Washington said. "It's not just me - it's a team effort."

Miss Evelyn would agree.

"I'm happy that they're taking the time and the effort to help us and to help me," she said.

Miss Evelyn's is just the first home repair in this new program. The next one is a 96-year-old who needs a new furnace and another one who needs some roofing repairs.

If you know someone 90 or older who needs help staying in their home - contact Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries at 313-993-4700.