Prosecutors claim local man is ISIS supporter; father says no

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A back-and-forth debate in federal court over how long a Dearborn Heights man suspected of plotting a terror attack should spend behind bars.

Khalil Abu-Rayyan's attorney say he was never charged with terrorism, but prosecutors argue he could be dangerous.

"My son I love him and I'm with him until the last day of my life," said Ray Rayyan.

The father of 23-year-old Khalil Abu-Rayyan was outside Detroit federal court Monday as his son's sentencing began.

"This is un-American okay," Ray said.

Khalil Abu-Rayyan, from Dearborn Heights, pleaded guilty to a weapons charge stemming from his arrest last October. He is accused of planning an ISIS-style attack on a Detroit church but he is not charged with terrorism.

"Why not charge from the beginning," Ray Rayyan said. "They went to his business, they went to his house, they went to his car and they found nothing."

Federal prosecutors on Monday were asking for 96 months or eight years saying the young man is a danger to the community, has supported ISIS for years and downloaded videos.

"He's not dangerous," Ray Rayyan said. "Some of the pictures, or some of the videos he was looking at, underneath it something like 45 million people watch."

Prosecutors added that Khalil Abu-Rayyan specifically said he wanted to kill women and children and that the church attack would be a "blood bath."

"My son doesn't support ISIS," his father said. "None of us support ISIS. ISIS does not represent Islam, they are terrorists."

The defense on Monday asked for 15 months in prison saying Khalil Abu-Rayyan is not a terrorist, that he never intended to harm anyone, and was encouraged by two undercover FBI agents - women he wanted to impress. The defense added that he admits what he did was foolish and is deeply remorseful.

As both sides were heard Monday, Abu-Rayyan's sentencing is set to finish March 27 as he plans to make a statement.

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