Protesters call for officer's termination after man tasered while holding baby in Westland

A crowd came out Friday to the Westland Police Department in protest after video surfaced earlier this week showing an officer tasing a man while he was holding his baby. 

Westland Police were called to Ray Brown's home last after a woman claimed Brown and his girlfriend assaulted her. Police said Brown wouldn't cooperate and refused to give his child to another adult when police decided to arrest him

But, clad in t-shirts that read "stop police brutality", the protesters say officers went too far and put Brown and the baby at risk. The officer involved has received a 30-day suspension without pay.

"If they believe that it was something wrong, enough to suspend him, then there was something wrong enough to terminate him. When police make mistakes, people die. It just didn't happen in this circumstance but we believe that it could have," said Rev. Charles Williams II of the National Action Network. 

Organizers are calling for a boycott of Westland businesses, claiming there's a pattern of discrimination by the police department. 

"We're calling on folks in the southeastern Michigan area to go around Westland. Don't buy in Westland; don't shop in Westland; don't come to Westland for nothing until this police officer is gone off the force," Rev. Williams said. 

"There are good cops, there are bad cops. The bad cops need to be weeded out," said Brown's mother, Becki Brown. 

Brown is still facing multiple charges in the case but says he appreciates the support from those around him. 

"It's special to see everybody come together for justice, and it will prevail," he told us. 

The Chief of Police called Brown's arrest "appropriate" but said the officer's use of the taser at that time was questionable.