Protesters gather to support Warren family after their home was vandalized 

Demonstrators from several organizations, including “Detroit Will Breathe” and “Michigan Liberation”, joined together Saturday to stand against what Candace and Eddie Hall endured at their Warren home. 

“It all started last week Monday, when someone shot up our house, threw a brick through our Window on Wednesday, flattened all our tires, and wrote racial slurs on out truck,” Candace said. “We’ve been terrorized ever since.”

The family displayed a Black Lives Matter sign, and investigators believe that could be partly why they were targeted. 

“For someone to come into our home and not just disrupt out lives, but terrorize our children. My daughter doesn’t even want to come into our house because she’s afraid of being hit by a bullet,” Candace said. “This is America. This is not Iraq; this is not Desert Storm. My husband already did that.”

The Warren Police Commissioner had made it a priority to find the person behind the attacks. Investigators released a video of the suspect and are asking the public to help. 

“We’re Vets,” Candace said. “We’ve been serving our country. We shouldn’t have to come home and fight this fight, too.”

“It’s kind of disheartening to see people that’s against us over there,” Eddie said. “It’s not about Trump. It’s about people being vandalized in their own home, being terrorized in their own home. That’s what it’s about.”

In that statement, Eddie was referring to counter protesters who showed up across the street and displayed President Trump signs. 

“We love everyone,” said one counter protester. “They’ve been told so many lives. They’ve been so used by the Democrats. They’re being taught and trained to hate and believe these lies.”

The obvious hate written on their truck, or the bullets, or the projectile thrown into the Hall’s home is not a lie. As police confirmed, they just want to feel safe in their home again. 

“We’re brothers and sisters,” Candace said. “I don’t care what the color of your skin is, you still bleed red. We’re not hateful people, we love everyone.”