Protesters in Detroit demand answers for families of people killed by police

A Black Lives Matter protest was held Saturday afternoon outside the Coleman A. Young Center.

Families of people killed by police officers stood outside, demanding more answers and holding a peaceful protest, saying everyone needs to be held accountable.

The cases may have concluded in court, but that's not stopping the families from holding demonstrations and getting their point across.

Yoland McNair reminds everyone of how she lost her daughter, Adasha Miller, in 2012.

"She was killed one day before her 25th birthday by a Detroit police officer at his home, at his party with his service weapon," she said. "This officer is still on the force. He's never received any kind of disciplinary action."

The demonstrators feel police officers are not being held accountable when these kinds cases surface in our city.

Also talked about at the protest was Aiyana Stanley Jones, a 7-year-old killed in a police raid in May of 2010. The case resulted in two mistrials.

They say they will continue to press for the answers and justice they are seeking.

"It was over 40 people at this party, Adasha loved life and all she was doing was celebrating her upcoming birthday, and she never came home," McNair said. "The officer never apologized for my daughter's death."

FOX 2 checked in with a Detroit police spokesperson for a comment on the protest, but have yet to hear back.

The family of Aiyana Stanley Jones took part in the protest, but did not want to comment.