Protests organize against library's 'Drag Queen Story Time'

Several groups are planning to protest the Huntington Woods Library due to Drag Queen story time. 

The popular Drag Queen story time has been going on for a year in Huntington Woods, and the city has no plans to stop it. 

“It’s been very helpful to the kids who come and allow them to understand that we pretty much live in a diverse world,” said Huntington Woods resident Peter Ostrow. 

Huntington Woods say they want to keep it going because it’s all about diversity and inclusion, and of course literacy. 

“Gender bending and this attack on the identity of male and female is deeply destructive to children,” said Arthur Schaper of California Mass Resistance. 

But a few groups from out of state may turn up this Saturday for the next session because they don’t like it, which is difficult for some parent to understand. 

“Huntington Woods is full of people who understand that you have the right to an opinion,” said Huntington Woods resident and mom Ciara O’Laoire. “I don’t think that there is a lot of anger towards the ability to express yourself.” 

The city says they are prepared for Saturday’s protest. Supporters who show up must be on the south end of the recreation center parking lot and protesters on the opposite end. Barricades will be set up on the sidewalk in front of the library so participants can get inside to enjoy story time. There will also be parking restrictions. 

The city has made it abundantly clear, if you are not registered for the Drag Story Time Saturday, you won’t be able to come inside. You will also be asked to show ID.