'Proud Islamophobe' pastor hosts anti-Muslim event on 9/11 at Bloomfield Hills church

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"Islam is a growing threat in the United States of America," said Pastor Dr. Donald McKay.

It's on the flier and straight from the head minister at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church, planning to host an event stirring controversy. 

"We don't hate Muslims, we hate the ideology they are identified with," McKay said.

McKay says he's speaking for himself, not the church where the events happen on Sept. 11 and 12. 

"I am an Islamophobe, I wear that badge proudly," he said.

McKay said the theme of the discussion was organized by The Metropolitan Detroit Freedom Coalition. 

"We believe that Muslims, committed Muslims, that are familiar with their faith are committed really to the overthrown of the United States and to world domination," he said.

Some local lawmakers, condemning the event and the church for hosting. 

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Congressman Andy Levin releasing a joint statement calling it an anti-Muslim gathering adding - "There is no place for hate in Metro Detroit."

They are imploring the church to cancel.

State Reps Abdullah Hammoud and Mari Manoogian released a statement to fellow house Democrats bringing attention to the event. They say it is an attempt to blame the 9/11 attacks on the entire Muslim population.

Pastor McKay says they have it wrong. 

"The tone of the meetings that we are going to be having is not aggressive," he said. "It's not a 'We hate these people’ it is we love these people but we want to talk about ideology." 

He's extending an offer to discuss his position with lawmakers speaking out.  

"If Dingell would like to sit down and have lunch with me I will even buy," he said.

Even with the pushback McKay said he is getting, there are no plans to cancel the event.