Pugh accuser says he attempted to pressure him into sex for money

An emotional day in court in the civil case against former Detroit City Council president Charles Pugh.

Today Pugh's accuser took the stand and described what life has been like since the scandal broke. He testified that he has been dreading today, crying for two hours before entering the courtroom.

The former Fredrick Douglas Academy student took the stand Friday, to tell the jury about the emotional turmoil he's harbored  since meeting Pugh.

He accuses Pugh of forcing him into sex acts in exchange for money and gifts, saying to a jury,

"I've never been around someone older who had that kind of power," he testified. "I needed help. I believed if I made him mad, he wasn't going to help me anymore. I wanted to stay on his good side."

On the verge of tears, the plaintiff says his life spiraled out of control after the sexually explicit text messages Pugh sent him, went public. He says even though he is straight, his friends and family disowned him, thinking he was gay. Ashamed, he left home for a life on the streets.

"I just walked around wherever my feet laid, he said. "I was sleeping outside for a while. I used to beg sometimes."

For two months, the plaintiff says he picked food out of the garbage and washed his clothes in swimming pools. His lawyer brought him home and got him help.

A psychiatric specialist testifies the plaintiff has depression and signs of PTSD. And will need weekly counseling for at least four years.