Puppy stolen in armed robbery, owner left in dog cage

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A puppy was stolen, snatched from its family at gunpoint.

But this wasn't just a pet - the owners rely on her. Gary Adams and fiancé Ashlynn Bethell need your help.

"I don't understand how someone could be so cruel to come and take what they think they deserve - it's not right," said Ashlynn.

Earlier this week, Adams says he was about to take their 9-week old American pit bull terrier called Zoey for a walk.

He opened the door and was assaulted, getting hit in the head with a gun. He was pushed back inside the house and forced him inside a dog cage.

"Then they took my money, TVs and then they took my puppy." said Gary, his bruises still visible.

Despite all the things that were stolen, Adams says they only want Zoey back because she also serves as an emotional support dog to Ashlynn.

"I have really bad anxiety and stress and she helps calm me," said Ashlynn.  "She's always there when I need her."

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office says this incident is being investigated by its detective's bureau. 

As the search continues for Zoey, the couple says they are turning to social media to help find their dog.

"We have over 300 shares on Facebook," Gary said. "Please if you have seen Zoey contact me."

Click this link to contact their page.

Gary and Ashlynn say all they want is Zoey to return home.

"It's awful, I can't sleep at night," he said. "I'm thinking about her 24/7.

"It's not the same."