Pups confused at playtime after tennis ball freezes to ground

Humans aren't the only people being thrown off by this cold weather spell. 

Some pups at a doggie daycare in Ohio were confused to find their tennis ball stuck to the ground - frozen in ice. 

Lisa Vash takes care of dogs at her home and shared the video. You can watch in the video player above. 

A pair of dogs worked together and finally got the ball free and went about with the rest of their playtime. 

Ohio is part of several Midwestern states experiencing a cold spell this week. 

Hundreds of schools, businesses and government offices have closed in several states. Mail service has been halted. In Michigan and Minnesota, energy companies have also urged customers to lower their thermostats to avoid natural gas shortages. 

FOX 2 reported on this story from Southfield, Mich. 

Video Credit: Lisa Vash via Storyful