Rafters help save puppies during WV flooding

A couple of rafting guides in Rainelle, West Virginia are during devastating floods the best way they know how.
They’re using kayaks to help make rescues, and one such rescue was something special.

Shawn Riley, who is also in the National Guard, and his rafting partner rescued a littler of 11 puppies stranded at a woman’s home.

High waters and heavy rainfall took Priscilla Woodrum’s home out of reach, but she managed to get out on time. However, she wasn’t able to take the puppies out with her.

Woodrum’s brother stayed behind and the rafters rescued him from the home when they came to collect the pups.

Rescue teams, including the National Guard, have been working around the clock to help rescue people stranded by the fast-rising waters - and, clean up the destruction left behind.

Officials say at least 14 people have been killed in the devastating flood.

The governor has declared a state of emergency for 44 counties in West Virginia, which allowed the state access to resources needed to deal with the aftermath of the storm.