Rainbow Connection grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses

It has not been easy for some brave children - many have been fighting for their lives since they were infants due to health issues.

Thanks to the Rainbow Connection on Monday they got to concentrate on just being alive.

A handwritten thank you note was hand delivered today to a generous man who made 15 wishes come true for kids facing life-threatening illnesses. 

FOX 2: "Where you going?"

"Disney," said Sophia Groce, 5. "(To see) Elsa."

Groce suffers from cystic fibrosis. Her smile always lights up a room, but mom says daily treatments are tough. They are thrilled to be able to take their little girl to Disney. 

"It's everything they could want and more for her and (to give her that) especially for her, is a big weight lifted for us," said Jessica Grose, her mom. "And to see her live in the moment and have the best time she can."

After his children survived surgeries and life threatening heart defects, Tim Easterwood co- founder of a digital marketing service provider, promised he would always give back. That he did, recently donating $100,000 to the rainbow connection.

"Kids don't know this, but I am more excited than they are I am so happy to do this," Easterwood said. "I want to talk to them about their wishes -  and I want my kids to see them and hopefully someday they will give back as well." 

The Rainbow Connection near and dear to George Miller's heart. before he was executive director - his daughter was granted a wish.

"We have done 3,600 wishes to date for kids who are battling med condition life-threatening it means a lot to them it means a lot to us make our legacy go on," Miller said.

The Venetian Club in Madison Heights transformed into a child's dream come true, complete with a candy bar and all the ice cream they can eat. And for the parents, break from the health battles that can be all consuming.

"She had liver cancer, so thank God she is in remission," said Jasmine Wells. "She a real long journey. (This) surprised me out of the blue - she had a nice time - baby dolls and candy and toys."

"It was hard, I think it was more hard on me than it was for her," said Kim Feaster.  

Kim'miyah Webb battled retinolblastoma and said she is looking forward to Disney Land.

FOX 2: "What are you going to see there?" 

"Minnie Mouse." 

>> For more information go to https://www.rainbowconnection.org/