Rape attempt reported in latest incident of Ann Arbor break-in wave

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Police in Ann Arbor say a man is brazenly breaking into homes as people are inside. 

"I screamed. Thank god I woke up, something instinctive inside of me, I call it the grace of God," a woman said.

The resident is one of the victims in a rash of break-ins in Ann Arbor. The man broke into her home on Patricia last Thursday and walked upstairs to her bedroom. She said her instincts kicked in.

"Screaming, not hysterical but in a quite traumatized way.  And that somehow startled him," she said. "They ran, I don't know if they went out the house - at the time I didn't know, but apparently they did 

She wasn't the only victim. Just hours later, another incident was reported just a few miles down the road at south Seventh Street and Newport. A woman there said she woke up on her couch and found a masked man standing there. 

Reports indicate he attempted to rape her but a family member walked in at that point, causing him to run off. Less than an hour later, a man walked into another home a few blocks away at Newport and Miller. When she woke up, he ran off.  

In two of the incidents, the man covered his face.  

Ann Arbor Police tweeted Friday afternoon of a fourth incident happening this week, again on Thursday. Just 4 a.m. on south Signature Street.  A man woke up to find the suspect in his bedroom. He yelled and the suspect ran off. In all four cases, doors were left unlocked.  

Neighbors say that people should remember to lock their doors.

The victim we spoke with thankful that she's ok-she's hopeful Ann Arbor Police will track down the man. 

"I also have mixed feelings.  Our instincts are to spew hatred and anger to people who do this but there is also an element of sympathy," she said.

Ann Arbor police say the suspect is a white man, between 20 and 30 years old, standing 5'6"-5'9", and with a small build. 

Ann Arbor is typically ranked as one of the best places to live in the country and residents are hopeful the man is caught.

Tips can be called into the Ann Arbor police at 734-794-6939.