Rash of break-ins has Southfield neighborhood on alert

Its a crime spree in a Southfield neighborhood that has got the attention of those who call the Bonnie Acres subdivision home.  

According to those who live in the quaint neighborhood near 12 mile and Greenfield, thieves have been taking everything and anything.

Recently sources tell Fox 2 there have been more than a dozen homes in the area that have been broken into. That has some people taking action to make sure they are not next.  

This is one neighborhood that prides itself on being neighborly, each neighbor looks out for the other. While its good that neighbors are being proactive, taking their own safety into their hands they say its also comforting to know they have the support of the police as well 

Milan Bucalo says with the recent break-ins, there has been more police in the neighborhood and that seeing the officers is reassuring and a good thing.

According to sources, so far there have been no reports of any confrontations as a result of the break-ins, still Southfield police would like to catch these crooks before it gets to that point.