Rats at Detroit bus stop, citizens are fed up

Some bus riders say waiting for the city bus near Grandview and Grand River can be a frightening experience. 

"How can you catch the bus and you got rats running right there. The rats be running across your feet and it's nasty out here," said bus rider Ernest Williams. 

A Fox 2 viewer sent the Problem Solvers Unit a video of the rats at the bus station. He would not appear on camera, however, says he has contacted officials at the Detroit Department of Transportation before, but has not seen any improvements. 

"No excuse. If you want people to come here, you should want it to be clean," said bus rider Derrick Hall. 

Rides say they believe the cause of the rats is a trash dumpster that sits on the lot of a BP Gas Station. 

"It be so much garbage in here, it just be nasty and the rats be running," Williams said. 

FOX 2 went to speak to the workers inside the gas station, but did not get much of a response. 

"I don't want to talk to you," said a gas station employee. 

But another employee at the gas station who would not reveal his name, had this to say. 

"It will be fixed by tomorrow."

FOX 2 contacted the Mayor's office for answers, and inspectors came out to examine the conditions. 

"They did meet with the owners of the gas station and informed them to contact an independent pest control service and unless they can document that, they will be issued a ticket," said Paul Max of the city of Detroit. 

City officials say when citizens have concerns, they should contact their ombudsman to get a resolution. 

As for the situation, city inspectors will be back out next week to look for improvements.

One bus ride says if things don't improve. The city should look beyond tickets and fines for the gas station. 

"If they're not doing what they are supposed to do, you should shut them down," said Williams.