Ready to feel guilty? Here's a comparison of healthy food calories to candy calories

We are getting healthy for the holidays because as we all know when Halloween comes around, we start eating the kids' candy and we just can't stop. 

Grace Deorcha, R.D. with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, says three cups of sugar are being consumed on average on Halloween day. That measurement should be in the tablespoons. 

What's often forgotten is just how many empty calories in chocolate and sugar your eating when you replace the nutrition-filled calories of eggs, avocados, and salad. Don't worry though, we've made the calculations for you.

  1. Caesar salad = 3 Resee's pieces peanut butter cups
  2. 8-10 cups of popcorn = 5 Twizzlers 
  3. One, full-sized Avacado = three fun-sized pieces of chocolate
  4. Two whole, hard-boiled eggs = one, pumpkin Reese's peanut butter cup