Redford residents blame Little Caesars for rat infestation

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One Redford Township neighborhood has a rat problem and people there say they are pigging out on pizza pizza outside Little Caesars.

Redford Township's supervisor says they've hit the same place with a number of citations and contacted the corporate office. But they claim the rat problem has only gotten worse.

And from the looks of things, it's clear why.

"I caught three in 12 hours the other day - not night - day," said resident Greg Hartle. "Out of two traps."

Hartle says his street is being overrun by rats. He lives on Poinciana just south of Seven Mile in Redford - right next door to a Little Caesars.

He says the rats have been pigging out on pizza.

"They have been feeding them very nicely," he said. "I have pictures, and proof of pizza by the carton laying out here at night."

Neighbors say they first started seeing the rats a few years ago. They say things really got bad in the past six months. 

"You get rid of the food then you can get rid of the rats," Hartle said. "They're in here by the hundreds." 

"Last year I caught 35 to 40 of them," said resident Todd Miller. "While trying to fight and dig them up and keep them out of the lawns.": 

Miller's surveillance camera caught one of the rodents running across his yard. Neighbors can only hope they stay outdoors.

"If they move into the house, I'm done, I'm out of here," Hartle said. "I just can't take it anymore, they're everywhere." 

FOX 2 reached out Little Caesars but have not heard back yet.