Redford Twp. man found shot to death inside SUV in Westland

Neighbor Odis Gibson says he heard gunshots, "pow-pow-pow-pow-pow, just like that you know."

Gibson says he heard the gunshots around 10:30 p.m. Saturday near his home on Henry Ruff Road.

His neighbor Arnett Chisholm says the sea of police lights lit up the night sky like lights on a Christmas tree. 

Police say the man, identified as Joseph Austin McClendon, was found by police inside a Ford Explorer at the corner of Henry Ruff and Annapolis Avenue. He had been shot several times, according to police. 

Westland police say no one else was inside the vehicle, and that no one else was in the area, either, except for neighbors who called 911.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and have not named any suspects.  

Anyone with information is asked to call the Westland Police Department at (734) 722-9600.