RELEASED: Judge allows kids held in detention center to summer camp

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Children's Village where the Tsimhoni children had been detained.

A family court judge ruled that the Tsimhoni children be released from an Oakland County detention center Friday.

They will now be transferred to a summer camp, getting required parental alienation counseling and both parents will be allowed to visit.

The three children, ages 14, 10 and 9  had been sent to Children's Village after being found in contempt June 24  by Judge Lisa Gorcyca for refusing to spend time with their father. They were then separated without visitation from their mother, told they would have to stay there until they were 18 years old. Their father left for Israel for work one day later.

The children's mother, Maya Tsimhoni, was emotional after Gorcyca's decision.

"I'm happy that the kids are out," she said. "I hope I can go see them now. Thank you for all your support. I can't believe it."

On Friday Gorcyca began the emergency hearing with an eight-minute prepared statement justifying her decision and blaming FOX 2, for exposing the issue, creating a media frenzy.  

The judge claimed after five years in and out of court with the divorce proceedings that the mother is responsible for "the worst case of parental alienation" she has seen, and is responsible for the children's brainwashing. Gorcyca said the father wanted to be more involved with the children's lives. 

At the hearing the attorneys for the mother, father and children's guardian told Gorcyca they disagreed with the children's placement in Children's Village. They suggested that the kids go to camp with counseling.

After a short recess, Gorcyca granted the motion and released the children. 

June 24 court transcripts showed how upset the judge was. But Tsimhoni rejected Gorcyca's statement that she was to blame.

"I have never done any of the things she is saying about me," she said. "The only thing I always said to the court is that love comes with love. You can't tell somebody to love, you can't force somebody to love."

May attorney Lisa Stern said that the children will enjoy a camp program. 

"We all, including my attorney when I met her, wanted reunification with their dad," she said. "This whole thing kind of built off itself."

The judge was critical of FOX 2 and denied the station's camera into the court room - despite being one of seven media outlets attending the hearing. 

Gorcyca's attempt to keep FOX 2 out was overruled by the chief judge after a request by the station. 

In previous court documents Gorcyca drew criticism for her language in the June 24 sentencing comparing the children's "brainwashing" to Charles Manson's cult and threatening them to be "locked up" in "jail."

Gorcyca as well as other attorneys were contacted for comment, but declined.