Michigan Rep. Slotkin says her staff safely evacuated 114 Afghan Nationals from Kabul

Staff members of Rep. Elissa Slotkin successfully evacuated 114 Afghan nationals out of Kabul and to safety according to a tweet from Slotkin.

She said that over 70 of those evacuated were affiliated with Michigan State University while the other totaling more than 30 were former deputy ministers, staff, and military officers of the former Afghan government who were being threatened and hunted by the Taliban.

"There are simply no words to convey the pain of running from your own country," Slotkin said.

Slotkin's Twitter thread references the nationwide grief of the loss of 13 U.S. service members killed and the heartbreak that "not all will get out".

"As a Congresswoman whose family, generations ago, left their home countries seeking a better life, I know that there's no telling what these resilient people will do with this opportunity. In the hardest moments, I feel I have seen the best of American ingenuity and grit."

Slotkin is the second Michigan Congressmember to be involved in Kabul.

Rep. Peter Meijer flew to Afghanistan with Mass. Rep. Seth Moulton on Aug. 24 where they spent several hours on the ground at the Kabul airport. Both lawmakers are military veterans with experience in the region.

Slotkin is proud to have helped the people they have and tweeted out a list of people she thanked.

Slotkin says they will continue doing their part in the evacuation efforts over the next few days.