Reporters with cars drinking coffee ... at the auto show

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The show Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee has a signature intro. Jerry Seinfeld lays out the specs of a muscle car or a luxury ride, or a classic with an engine that purrs. 

Kind of like what you'll see at the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Hall.

So many cars. Let's slow it down and get some coffee.

James Cardariu is the guy you see when you need a boost. 

"I'm the roast master and green coffee buyer for the overall business," said Cardariu, roast master Great Lakes Coffee.

FOX 2: "Why do think about journalists covering cars and how coffee fits into that equation there?

"Coffee helps people talk more," he said. "And so the more coffee, the more talking that's going on. There is always a connection of getting stories out there."

Around this time each year they serve a lot of coffee. 

"We do a tremendous amount of coffee," he said. "With all the vendors inside the car companies and such, we do over 800 pounds of coffee."

Scattered around the showroom floor are 18 Great Lakes Coffee stands. That is a lot of journalists looking at cars drinking coffee. 

"I mean what's the deal with all the coffee? How many people are falling asleep at this thing - am I right?"

Great Lakes Coffee is a local business, who has been at the auto show for 15 years and are solely responsible for supplying the fuel that makes journalist from around the globe ... go.