Republican candidate for lieutenant governor deletes post with extremist militia flag

The Republican candidate for lieutenant governor deleted a post he made online that featured him in front of a flag associated with an anti-government militia group.

Shane Hernandez "disavowed" the flag and "any such sentiments" it's affiliated with, he wrote in a tweet Saturday evening, saying it was part of a visit to the Port Austin Farmer's Market.

"Regarding my last post, I bought 8oz of honey from a small business owner, and he wanted to take a picture with me at his booth," Hernandez wrote on Twitter. "When I posted the picture, I did not notice the flag in the background."

Three Percenters is a group associated with fringe beliefs that a small force of armed individuals can overthrow a tyrannical government which its members argue is the current U.S. government, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

"Their perceptions of tyranny emanate from the radical conspiracy theories and paranoia rooted in the decades-old antigovernment extremist movement, and have repeatedly led to violence against America’s law enforcement, citizens and residents," the website's bio on the group reads.

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The group's flag includes the red and white stripes of the American flag with the number "3" shown as Roman numerals. 

Tudor Dixon named Shane Hernandez as her Lt. Governor candidate in the race for the Michigan Governor's office in 2022.

Hernandez was nominated to be the Republican lieutenant governor candidate in August, which was the final slot that needed to be filled ahead of the general election in Michigan. Hernandez is Tudor Dixon's running mate.