Republican Michigan Senator Tom Barrett tests positive for COVID-19

The Michigan Senate and House have scrubbed their scheduled meetings on Thursday because one state senator has tested positive for COVID-19.

On Sunday, State Senator Tom Barrett announced that he tested positive for COVID-19. 

Barrett attended two committee meetings just before that and then members of those committees went onto to attend three more meetings. It leaves the unanswered and poignant question, how many, if any, of the senators or staffers now have the virus.

The Senate GOP leader Mike Shirkey has advised but has not ordered all senators to get a test.

Macomb County Sen. Pete Lucido sat two seats away from Barrett during a hearing and he's getting a test in the morning.

Oakland County Sen. Ruth Johnson sat right next to Barrett during a hearing..she was wearing a mask but will get a test, too.

As for the senator, he said he did what he could to avoid the virus.

"I took reasonable precautions," Barrett said. "I wore a mask when I was out in public and in committee meetings and on the senate floor. I feel I took reasonable precautions like everyone else but I picked it up from someone."

Detroit Senator Adam Hollier reports he knows three Detroit area senators have been tested and his test came back negative. 

Ironically the senator spent time with Barrett in Detroit last week. They went to Pershing High School but no students came in contact with Barrett, only the principal.

The House has scrubbed its session for this week. In that body, two Democrats got the virus and one reportedly died from it. As for what the virus might do in the Senate, remains a huge question mark at this read. Right now, the count is one.

Barrett went on to say that he has not experienced any significant symptoms and will be self-isolating. He also said he will be making contact with the people he has been around in the past couple of weeks, so they seek medical advice.