Rescue dog flown to Detroit on Bissell family's jet as DDR helps Louisiana shelter

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A dog in need rescued in style -- brought back to Detroit on a private jet owned by one of Michigan's wealthiest families.

"She's gone from rags to riches," said Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue.

Meet the private jet pup. This is Annie and she's become quite the little princess. A picture shows her in the cage about to take flight on a private jet heading from a shelter in Louisiana to "the motor city."

"I picked up little Annie here and it was kind of love at first sight," Rinaldi said. "She rode on my lap in the Bissell jet all the way home back to Detroit."

The impromptu trip this week was made possible by Detroit Dog Rescue and Cathy Bissell of the Bissell Pet Foundation. Bringing back Annie was a bonus for DDR Executive Director Kristina Rinaldi. 

"It was just an overwhelming feeling bringing her home," Rinaldi said. "But also knowing I am going back to save more."

Their initial mission was to bring immediate supplies to St. Landry Animal Control west of Baton Rouge Louisiana.

"It is a wonderful facility run by the most amazing compassionate individuals," Rinaldi said. "But they really have no resources."

It's a shelter that's been struggling like DDR once was.

"They recently just got running water to their shelter," Rinaldi said. "Their kennels are outdoors; they don't have an adoption program because there is nobody in the area to adopt."

They are committing to giving the Louisiana shelter resources, but most importantly hope. This definitely isn't their last trip to the bayou. 

"We brainstormed ideas and we are so looking forward to going back again," Rinaldi said. 

Little Annie certainly wasn't expected, but the pint size terrier already packs a punch, she's well on her way to being an ambassador for DDR's broader mission.

"Now it's Detroit Dog Rescue is trying to give back and kind of help others and other shelters through collaboration and education. It is the only way to save all the animals."

To learn more about the Detroit Dog Rescue, go to their Facebook Page HERE.