Rescue group saves dogs left alone in house while owner was incarcerated

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Detroit Dog Rescue along with Animal Care and Control - safely removed four dogs from this Detroit house on Oakfield Tuesday.

"There were four dogs in there, I am told one of them was the mother the other three puppies," said Dustin Banooni, Detroit Dog Rescue. "It may have been that one was maybe the father." 

FOX 2 first told you about the trapped dogs on Monday. Neighbors alerted us they found out the homeowner was in jail and hadn't been seen in at least a week. The dogs likely had been without food and water for days.

They also worried about the safety of the neighbors if the desperate dogs were able to break through the windows.

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The homeowner's goddaughter was at the house and because she is related to the homeowner she was able to legally sign over the dogs.  

"She said you know what, I won't be able to take care of these dogs with him in prison," Banooni said. "(It would be) best if I sign these dogs over to you so animal control has taken these dogs. We work with animal control to make sure these dogs have a good home."

Banooni says despite the dire circumstances, it appears the four dogs are doing okay. They are now in the care of animal control, which will soon sign them over to DDR so they can get the neglected animals into their program and eventually adopted by a loving family.

"They were a little sketched out by the sun, wind, people but after giving them some good treats and assuring them that they are going to a nice place willing to get in truck knowing they were going to a happy home."

Normally dogs would go to animal control into a bailiff hold that can take a couple weeks to legally take ownership of the dogs. But because the goddaughter signed over the dogs it was pretty much a done deal.