Rescuers pull man from car crushed by semi on 696

Emergency crews spent more than 30 minutes rescuing a man who was trapped inside of his car after a semi-truck rolled over on top of him in Warren.

The crash happened on the eastbound ramp of northbound I-696 near 11 Mile around 2:30 p.m. According to video from SkyFox, rescuers were on scene for more than 30 minutes trying to free the man from the car after the back end of the semi rolled over onto the driver's side.

With a large crowd looking on, crews cut their way through the car to the pull the out of the back passenger's side door.  After being pulled from the car, the man is upright for a few seconds before he is guided over to the stretcher and eventually loaded into an ambulance.

The man appeared to be okay, a miracle considering the seriousness of the accident.

The driver of the tractor trailer was headed eastbound 696 when he got off on northbound Mound Road exit; he lost control of the vehicle, rolled over, hit another vehicle and dragged it 50 yards. Obviously that white Chevy was occupied when this happened. That driver is doing okay.

The Warren Fire Department says it took about an hour to cut the man out of that vehicle.

Police say it's unclear why the truck driver lost control of his vehicle. They are looking into that right now. He was not injured but the driver of that white Chevy suffered only minor injuries.

We are told it was about 40,000 pounds of steel and you take that with 40,000 pound commercial vehicle you got 80,000 pounds rolling," said a Warren police officer. "And to have it land on right top of the driver's seat, it's a miracle."

The driver of the Chevy is in stable condition. The truck driver was not hurt. He was hauling steel rotors.

Police are still investigating how exactly all of this happened only one person was injured, thankfully show though his injuries were not severe, in stable condition at Royal Oak Beaumont.