Resident opens fire on suspects trying to break into his house

Neighbors say they are upset that Gilchrist Street has been infested with crime and on Monday one resident grabbed a gun and did something about it.

"A lot of houses around here getting broken into," said Jimmy Truss, resident.

"Just the other day they broke into the house next door," said Cynthia Morrissette.

Police can add another Gilchrist house to the list. Three suspects were caught acting suspicious on video at noon Monday at the west side home. Then one suspect tried to get into the house through a window.

That was when police say the homeowner fires a gunshot at that suspect causing all three to quickly leave the property.

No one was injured and nothing was stolen but the search for the trio continues.

The homeowner would not go on camera but told Fox 2 he is not proud that he shot at another person.

Cynthia Morrissette says her neighbor did what he had to do.

"I'm not upset with him, he never bothers anyone," she said.

"It just means we have to watch out for one another a little more," Truss said.

Some neighbors say despite the increase in crime they will not give up on this neighborhood.

"I'm really now thinking about going to get a CCW so I don't have to worry about this," said Morrissette. "It's like you're not safe in your neighborhood anymore. Something has to be done."