Residents angry with tall grass and weeds in Detroit's East English Village

UPDATE (5/30): Residents say the grass in the Outer Drive median on the city's east side remains uncut. A spokesperson with the city said that the street is a county road. Wayne County is responsible for maintaining the grass..

It's a huge eyesore. Tall grass-and weeds out of control in desperate need of a cut in Detroit's East English Village.

As homeowners work to beautify their lawns in that neighborhood, a menacing sight lurks close by 

Medians that sit in the middle of East Outer Drive and Chandler Park Drive on Detroit's east side are covered by Weeds and tall grass.

Residents are asking how and why this nuisance is allowed to stay in their neighborhood, adding it's also a potential hazard

They say in years past the grass was never allowed to go this long without being mowed and properly maintained.

Residents say the culprit is Wayne County.

The Fox 2 Problem Solvers went in search of answers and Wayne County officials say its public services department is currently working on securing contractors to do mowing for the season. 

They say on Tuesday - weather permitting - their unit will to take care of the East Outer Drive and Chandler Park Drive area.

Officials go on to say mowing contractors should begin work within the next few weeks and they appreciate resident's patience.