Restoring 1937 fire rig was another Ron Savage passion

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If Ron Savage knew about it, he was passionate about it.  A contagious enthusiasm that like him was larger than life.  

"Every cup of coffee was the best cup in the world," said Capt. Arnie Nowicki, Detroit Fire Department. "If he had a bowl of soup it was, this is the best cup of soup. He just loved everything but it was genuine."

So when Ron found out in 2003 that the Detroit Fire Department was in the process of restoring a 1937 fire engine with the intention of using it as a hearse for fallen firefighters he was all in with his patented Savage smile and optimism.

"It's a historically known Detroit rig," Nowicki said. "He loved Detroit, everything about Detroit and the fact that he loved the fact that it's different from other engines."

Ron took every opportunity to help fundraise, show-off and brag about the effort to fully restore the rig as a honor to those like Ron who died on the job.

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"This is what he deserved," said Nowicki. "Not because of the man we thought he was but rather than man he was."

So when the opportunity came to return that honor and respect - Detroit firefighters didn't give it a second thought.

"We said we've got to call them and make sure they know it's available to them," said Detroit firefighter Tom Suchora. "We always make the phone call but this one was a little special."

Ron always wanted to feature this engine in news story.. so its only fitting and a honor to share his passion in tribute.

"He was always there for us," said Suchora. "A great man."