Retired Wayne County sheriff's deputy uses laser cutters to make splash guards

For 22 years, Erin Diamond answered the call to serve as a Wayne County sheriff's deputy. Now he’s retired from the force and answering the call to help in a new way during the coronavirus crisis -- using his laser cutters.

“We basically came up with a splash guard -- a piece of plastic, (it’s) simple for us to cut, takes us about a minute and a half per piece. You just fold it up and put it over the mask itself,” Diamond said.

The face shield wraps around the front of the mask and is held in place by the elastic bands.

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“If you're working with water or fluids or you don't have a full face shield, this will protect that cloth from absorbing those liquids and it should prolong the life -- almost 300 times as long,” Diamond said.

Diamond and 13 guys across the country are coming together to make thousands of these plastic shields for those fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus.

>>DONATE: There is a GoFundMe for those who wish to donate to their face shield efforts HERE.

“Those are all my friends fighting -- the first responders. We are all bored, going nuts, bouncing off the walls, I thought I could maybe do something,” Diamond said.