Retiring Ford CEO Jim Hackett opens up on the company's future, Bronco rebirth and dealing with a pandemic

Jim Hackett ran a major furniture company, helped bring Jim Harbaugh back to Michigan - and for the last three years he's been the CEO at Ford Motor Company.

He is ready for his next adventure, recently announcing he was retiring in October. He speaks with Roop Raj about the new Bronco, the future of Ford and how COVID-19 changed everything.

As he leaves Ford, he is exiting with a flourish, spearheading the rebirth of the Bronco. 

"This is a very exciting time for the Ford Motor Company, the launch of the Bronco has exceeded everyone's expectations and in fact the industry is taking notice," he said. "Because it is breaking all kinds of records in our reservation system, over 150,000.

"Personally I am getting a lot of contentment from seeing the principals that I wanted to see when I came in, around understanding the use of the vehicle. People studied use of vehicles for years, but I brought in an intense version of that, that the tech industry had mastered, and when I ran Steelcase. So it has changed some of the attributes of the vehicles that will become apparent over time."

To learn more about Hackett and Ford navigating the pandemic and what the future holds, watch the entirety of Roop Raj's exclusive 1-on-1 above.

Ford CEO Jim Hackett