Rick Wershe gives lifelong friend a lifechanging gift

Rick Wershe, formerly imprisoned for three decades as a teen drug informant in Detroit, prioritizes giving back to the community.

"We make sure that the families that might not have a holiday meal have one on us."

Meals are handed out at the Love Rising Lutheran Church in Detroit.

"I started that while I was incarcerated and continued it since I've been out," said Wershe. "Some friends of mine helped me do it, so it's a good thing we do every holiday to kick the holiday off."

While Wershe worked to give back to the community, he also worked to give a life-changing gift to a longtime friend.

Raoul Van Hecke was paralyzed as a teenager. They became pen pals when Wershe was in prison and their friendship continues today.

Today, Wershe gifted his friend a customized van. Through donations from various companies, he was able to raise about $85,000 to buy the van.

"To give this kid the van today, it means the world to me. We're changing his life," said Wershe. "He couldn't get out of the house. The van that he had barely got to the doctor's office and we're presenting him with a brand new 2021 Toyota Sienna."