River Rouge senior graduates high school after beating COVID-19

It's a moment Elijah Cromartie wasn't sure when he would experience.

The River Rouge High School student finally graduated after a tough battle with COVID-19.

"I'm very proud. They did a very good job helping me and getting me back on my feet," he said.
Cromartie, 18, was diagnosed with the coronavirus about a month and a half ago. For three long weeks, Cromartie was on a ventilator at Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan.

He then recovered at the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan in Detroit - also known as RIM.
"I'm very lucky and I'm a very young, blessed individual," he said.
Elijah was unable to walk by himself or care for himself independently after arriving at rim but his spirit.

"He just had a really positive attitude, I think that really helped him during his time at rim," said Megan Rybar, clinical physical therapist.

At first, Elijah had a hard time simply sitting up. But a few days in, the teen started to do things on his own.
"It was definitely motivational for me just to watch how motivated he was," said Colleen Jamieson, occupational therapist.

And now after two weeks - it's a breath of fresh air for Elijah - who continued to work hard and finish his schoolwork while trying to recover.

Elijah Cromartie now feels unstoppable. 

"Everybody said I wasn't getting my diploma! I got my diploma!"