Rochester Hills shooting suspect: Arsenal of weapons recovered at home, no motive determined

The Oakland County sheriff still has questions about the shooter that wounded nine people at a water park over the weekend in Rochester Hills. 

Almost two days after the incident, there is still no clear motive behind why the 42-year-old man carried out the mass shooting.

"So far, we've not been able to uncover any written pen-to-paper manifesto types of things from the scene," said sheriff Michael Bouchard.

While investigators are still digging into the shooter's background, they haven't found much to go on. Among the items they did seize from the suspect's home were several different devices including a phone and multiple hard drives.

There was also a bevy of firearms found at the home, including several rifles, shotguns, and handguns. He also brought two handguns to the Rochester Hills Brooklands Splash Pad early Saturday evening, leaving one at the scene before fleeing.

Despite there being no motive as of Monday, law enforcement do suspect mental health is a factor. 

"Clearly, it appears to me as a layperson, he's had some mental health things going on. And at this point, we still have no information that this was brought to anyone's attention," said Bouchard.


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What do we know about the gunman?

The shooter was identified as Michael William Nash, 42, of Shelby Township.

He used his mom's white Buick when he drove to the splash pad. He pulled up shortly before 5 p.m. on Saturday and fired 36 rounds. A Glock 43 9mm handgun was recovered at the scene. Police believe he had two handguns at the scene and used one to shoot himself.

His most recent interaction with police was in 2016 for a traffic ticket - however, there is no evidence from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office revealing any history of violence.

According to family, the shooter may have suffered from mental health problems.

The shooter's mom told law enforcement he had paranoid tendencies, including at one point muttering to himself "they're listening to us" and telling relatives to "turn off your phone" while walking around the house holding a gun.

It's unclear if he was employed.  

What have police seized?

Police seized one cell phone, one tablet, two computer towers, four thumb drives, two external drives, and a laptop from the shooter's home. The sheriff said they looked through his phone and found nothing that would indicate any plan or motive.

Police also recovered at least 11 guns inside the home, including four rifles, three shotguns, and multiple handguns. That includes an AR-model rifle that was observed on the kitchen table after police flew a drone into the home of the suspect.

Was the gun used in the shooting legally purchased?

The firearm used in the shooting, the Glock-model handgun, had been legally purchased in 2015. 

The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms managed to trace the weapon's origin.


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