Rodents run amok in Detroit Sav A Lot grocery store

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A Detroit grocery store has three months to clean up its act - literally - after rodents ran wild through the store.

The rodents were spotted by a shopper at the Detroit Sav A Lot on Plymouth in Detroit. It's so bad that at least one shopper said you can smell rat urine as soon as you walk in.

"I wouldn't feed this food to my dog."

The pictures taken inside the store show rodent feces, holes chewed into packages of bread and raw chicken, and more. The shopper who took them did not want to be identified.

"Bread chewed at, flour, There are running through potatoes," the shopper said.

The pictures were taken a few weeks back and sent to FOX 2. On Wednesday, we took a trip to see if the problem is still persisting. We sent an undercover visitor in and found a baited mouse trap but no obvious evidence of a problem.

So we went inside with our camera and microphone. As soon as we did, we were stopped and asked to leave, saying there was a corporate policy barring us from being inside.

We contacted the company headquarters who said they were made aware of the issue in February. We're told this location hired Eco-Lab to exterminate the mouse problem and hired new managers to run the store. 

The shopper who took this pictures also passed them along to the Michigan Department of Agriculture. 

"She came out to the grocery store, I talked to her, I forwarded pictures that I had."

The department confirms the store has a mouse problem and gave them until June to correct it. Investigators say they found mouse droppings near rodent bait stations and by a broken jar of jelly but didn't find any evidence of rodents on the actual food or countertops.

The department says they plan to follow up to ensure they meet the state's standards.