Romulus police get break in case of suspect who stole police car

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Last year a pair of suspects stole a police cruiser and led police on a wild chase.

"They are two career criminals that wake up every day for the purpose of stealing cars and breaking the law," said Det. Hussein Farhat.

But it looks like those days are over for Dustin Davis and his buddy Timothy Cagle.

Police say they have been involved in countless crime sprees, but Romulus police are focusing on the one from last September.

Farhat says that’s when the pair stole a truck out of Van Buren Township. That same night they headed to the Extended Stay hotel in Romulus where they were caught trying to steal a trailer.

Police moved in on the suspects, first arresting Davis. Dash cam captured the chaos that happened next. 

Police say Cagle hopped into a cruiser and took off - almost running down an officer in the process.

He headed east on I-94 reaching speeds of 110 miles per hour. After 15 minutes on the run - Cagle eventually pulled off at Michigan Avenue and Gilbert and fled on foot.

"He disappeared in Detroit, but now we are in the age of where you do a good investigation, you are going to catch any criminal out there," Farhat said. "We prided ourselves finding the suspect so he doesn't do again."

It didn't take long for police to track Cagle down - he was arrested on a search warrant for finger prints and DNA - but police had to let Cagle and Davis go until the state police tested the evidence and confirmed the suspects' involvement.

That takes us to Tuesday.

During a meeting with his probation officer, Davis was taken into custody. 

Now they are looking for Cagle, who is facing a slew of serious charges from carjacking and assaulting a police officer with a stolen car to fleeing and eluding as a habitual offender.

Detective Farhat says it won't be long.

"This guy crossed all lines when he did what he did that day," he said.

Romulus PD look for suspect who stole police cruiser
Man running from police circles back and steals cruiser

Cagle is also facing charges for stealing cars in the Grosse Pointe area. 

If you know where suspect Dustin Davis is, contact the Romulus Police Department at (734) 941-8400.